Notices: Recreational classes restart on the 2nd Sept, we are running our summer classes during August! Call the club for more info!

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Recreational Classes

For our members who want to get their child into the sport in a fun and creative environment we run recreational classes throughout the week. Your child will be allocated a group with an experienced coach and get a chance to try out all of our apparatus in a controlled and structured session. Each term runs for 8 weeks and only stops for the month August and Christmas holidays giving your child the chance to train throughout the year.

We run our own in-house achievement system named the 'Rainbow badges'. Your child will train with their friends and coach to work through a range of skills on each of the different levelled badges. Once successfully completed you will receive and email to purchase a certificate and badge for your child to wear with pride.

You can download our badge schemes below:

Some of our classes are subject to a waiting list so it is important to put your name down as soon as possible. Email or visit our online form by clicking here.

Our current recreational term dates and times are as follows:


Current Term Start: 24th June
Current Term End: 29th July

Next Term Start: 2nd Sept
Next Term End: 21st Oct


Current Term Start: 25th June
Current Term End: 30th July

Next Term Start: 3rd Sept
Next Term End: 22nd oct


Current Term Start: 19th June
Current Term End: 31st July

Next Term Start: 4th Sept
Next Term End: 23rd Oct


Current Term Start: 20th June
Current Term End: 1st August

Next Term Start: 5th Sept
Next Term End: 24th Oct


Current Term Start: 21st June
Current Term End: 2nd August

Next Term Start: 6th Sept
Next Term End: 25th Oct


Current Term Start: 22nd June
Current Term End: 3rd August

Next Term Start: 7th Sept
Next Term End: 26th Oct