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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

To help answer some of the most commonly asked questions we have put together a small collection of the questions and answers. If you cannot find your answer here then please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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What should my child wear?

If your child does not have a leotard, shorts and a t-shirt (tucked in) are suitable attire for our recreational classes. Please ensure that your child can move freely and is not restricted in any way by their clothing. Cropped or low cut tops and hoodies are not allowed. Hair should be suitably tied back and all jewellery removed or taped (micropore tape recommended for covering stud earrings that cannot be removed).

How and when do I pay my class fees?

New members should secure their place via direct card payment over the phone (or in person). For all our existing members, the preferred method of payment is via BACS (details on your fees email). Fees are divided into 2 month blocks that are spread evenly over the year. Unpaid fees will result in your child being refused entry into the class. Details of fees and term dates will be sent out via email several weeks before payment is due. Please put our email into your ‘favourites’ to avoid this important information going into your ‘junk’ folder.

**Please note that we do not accept cheques or credit card payments.**

Can my children (of different ages) all attend the same class?

Unfortunately not but we endeavour, where possible, to offer back to back classes.

What should we do if we are late for the class?

Please report to reception so that your child can be registered and taken to the correct group.

Do classes stop during school holidays?

No, classes continually run through the whole year, including bank holidays. We are closed over the Easter weekend and the Christmas period. Your fees email will always include dates so please check this carefully to avoid missing sessions.

If my child misses a session, can we attend a ‘makeup’ session?

No, unfortunately, due to all our classes being at full capacity, we are unable to offer ‘make-up’ sessions should your child miss a class. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. If your child is unable to attend due to serious injury or illness please contact us as soon as possible on

Our current class is no longer suitable, could we swap to a different day?

This may not be possible mid-term but we will do our best to accommodate changes as soon as space becomes available. Please contact us via email giving plenty of notice so that we can implement changes as soon as possible. Please note that we require a terms notice in writing if you wish to leave.

When will my child move to the next age group?

Children are offered classes according to their age and will be asked to move class times to the next age group when spaces become available. When your child becomes the oldest in the class, you will be offered all appropriate days and times for their new, age group class.

What do the group colours mean?

We have 8 groups in each age group and each is given a colour. These colours do not denote a particular level, they are simply the group names used in all age groups. A yellow group on a Tuesday could be of completely different ability level to that of the same age on a Friday and of course the 5 year old Yellow group will be a different level to the 12 year old group. If you would like more information about your child’s level or progress, please allow a few weeks if your child has just changed group and then ask at reception when you arrive at the club (once registration has ended). The coach in charge will then liaise with your child’s coach and report back to you at the end of the session.

Will my child be with other children of similar ability?

Children are grouped according to ability within their age group class. When new children join a class (or move classes), they may be moved around within that class during the first couple of weeks while their ability is assessed to ensure they are placed into the correct group.

Should I expect my child to change groups as he/she progresses?

No, children remain in their ability group, where we aim to progress them alongside each other. We will only move a child to a different group if their rate of progression increases above or drops below that of the rest of the group.

Why has my child changed groups?

All children progress at different rates so to keep group ability consistent, occasional changes may be necessary. Please support any changes in a positive way by assuring your child that being in the correct ability group will enable them to progress. Should you have any questions regarding your child’s group, progress or ability, please feel free to ask to speak with the Senior Coach at reception, during your child’s class. Alternatively, please email any queries to and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

What are the ‘Colours’ badges?

We have put together our own Badge Scheme (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Rainbow) to progress the children on all apparatus up to the British Gymnastics Bronze levels. Alongside the British Gymnastics badges we have put together a series of badges to test ability on trampoline, tumble and trampette (TTT Bronze, Silver & Gold). We do not use the British Gymnastics 8-1 scheme.

When will my child pass their next badge?

We aim to pass children on a badge every 4-6 months but this is not an exact science! Badge testing is often an administrative task that may, on occasion, be over-looked. Please feel free to contact us via email if your child has not passed a badge in the last 6 months. Please also note that once children reach ‘Blue,’ skills do become a little more tricky and may take longer to achieve.

Does the badge that my child is on effect which group they are put into?

Not enirely, though this may be a rough guide to their ability, we are also looking at how quickly children learn new skills, their attitude to learning, body control, body extension and general behaviour.

Will my child be held back until they have passed their next badge?

No, there are so many apparatus and skills to learn that even if your child is stuck on a badge, they will continue to learn new things in other areas while still working on the remaining skill to pass their badge.

I received an email to say that my child had passed a badge but he/she wasn’t at TGC that day, is this right?

Badge testing is sometimes completed during your child’s session and sometimes coaches will catch up on their badge administration at other times. Coaches get to know their groups and often plan their sessions to test ability altogether, allowing them to focus on your child during the session and the paperwork at a later date.

I would like my child to do more gymnastics, can we do an additional class?

Yes, please contact us via email and you will be advised of other suitable classes and when they may become available.

I think my child has a talent for gymnastics, how are children selected for squads?

Our coaches are always looking out for potential talent and the majority of our current squad members have been spotted in our recreational/ holiday classes. However, if you feel that your child has been over-looked, feel free to ask to speak with the Senior Coach at reception, during your child’s class or email and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

What is the General Squad?

Our General Squad is an invitational group, comprising our most talented recreational children who may not want to do the hours required for an elite squad, are older than the required age for their ability in elite gymnastics or simply lack in a particular aspect required for elite squad selection. There are up to three 90 minute classes (all bookable separately) available per age group per week, that run alongside our other recreational classes. Children may be selected for elite squad places from our General Squad.

I have a question that’s not covered here, who and how can I ask?

The quickest way to speak to the correct person for your specific question is via email as many of our staff are part-time and may not be on-site at the time of your enquiry. Please email and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.