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Recreational Classes

Temporary Class Timetable (COVID-19)

These times will be in place until Government restrictions are lifted: CLICK HERE

Strength Circuits
Here are some strength circuits to keep all our general squad gymnasts busy, strong and active through lockdown. These circuits are for both our male and female gymnasts despite the videos all featuring girls! Please take care when trying new exercises and stop immediately if any movement causes pain.


Please ensure adult supervision, a clear space to exercise and safety check any equipment, platform or weights before beginning. Of course parents could join in too!!
•	These sessions are for all our general squad members and young squads
•	Adjust to suit your ability and strength
•	Younger members may not need any resistance or weight for exercises
•	Build up gradually and record how many of each exercise you can do (for your reference)
•	Remember we value quality over quantity- Only perfect practice makes perfect!
•	Do the exercises in the order stated

What you may need:
•	Resistance bands (you could use a pair of tights) Here are some on Amazon:
•	Weights (tins of food, bag filled with books to desired weight)
•	Ankle weights- if you don’t have these just increase the number of repetitions
•	Platform- a chair, a step, sofa or bottom/ second step of stairs
•	Bosu ball replacement- pile of pillows/ cushions
•	Slider replacement- plastic plate (carpet) or cushion (hard, smooth floor)

We’d love to see your efforts on our Facebook page! 
Recreational Classes

To get your child into gymnastics in a fun and creative environment, we run recreational classes throughout the week. Your child will be allocated a group with an experienced coach and get a chance to try out all of our apparatus in a controlled and structured session. Classes continue through school holidays and bank holidays (except Easter weekend and over the Christmas period).

We run our own in-house achievement system named the 'Rainbow badges'. These lead onto the bronze, silver and gold British Gymnastics Advanced Proficiency Awards. Your child will train with their friends and coach to work through a range of skills on each of the different levelled badges. Once successfully completed, you will receive an email to purchase a certificate and badge for your child to wear with pride.

You can download our badge schemes below:

General Squad

Our General Squad is an invitational group, comprising our most talented recreational children who may not want to do the hours required for an elite squad, are older than the required age for their ability in elite gymnastics or simply lack in a particular aspect required for elite squad selection. There are up to three 90 minute classes (all bookable separately) available per age group per week, that run alongside our other recreational classes. Children may be selected for elite squad places from our General Squad.


Class & Fees Structure

Children are offered 45min or 60min classes according to age and are grouped to ability within the class. The eldest children in each class will be asked to move up an age group as spaces arise.

Fees are divided into 2 month blocks that are spread out equally over the year. The fees take into account our closures (Easter weekend and Christmas period) and also allow 2 weeks free of charge for your summer holiday:

Some of our classes are subject to a waiting list so it is important to put your name down as soon as possible. Visit our online form by clicking here.


* Children aged 4 must be in full-time education. For pre-school classes, please contact