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Returning to TGC in September: (Updated 23rd August)

On arrival, please find your child’s colour section in the pedestrianised car park. This is where they will be collected by their coach for the session in their small group and remain in this group throughout. The gym has been equally divided into 2 zones, groups are allocated a zone and remain in this zone throughout the class. Only 2-3 small groups per zone will arrive at any given time. Groups arrive at 30min intervals.

We will take each child’s temperature and if any child has a raised temperature, they will not be allowed to enter the building. Please notify the gym if you or any member of the household show symptoms after attending and appropriate action will be taken.

Late-comers MUST come to their zone reception. Zone 1 = main reception, Zone 2 = rear reception. (Your child's zone will alternate each week.) From here they will be escorted to their group at an appropriate time. Late-comers will not be permitted to join a group mid-rotation. Each rotation is approximately 10mins.

To be COVID compliant and to safeguard the children, parents/carers will not be permitted to enter the building. If you wish to speak to reception, please wait until your child has been taken into the gym. The receptionist at the door will then be able to speak with you.

Children will be required to sanitise their hands when they arrive, after each apparatus and when they leave. Though we have this facility, if each child brings their own, time will be saved.

Each child will be given a bucket for all their belongings (shoes, water bottle, hand sanitiser, clothing) that they will bring into the gym. These will be cleaned between groups.

Children must bring their own water bottle.

Toilets are colour marked to use for the same small group.

Apparatus and toilets will be regularly cleaned and signed off between classes.

Coaches will be instructing and demonstrating following social distance guidelines while children are spread out on their allocated apparatus.

All children will be dismissed from the fire doors at the rear of the gym. They will be brought (with all their belongings) to the gazebo in the corner of the carpark. Please ensure they are collected promptly. Coaches will be unable to chat as they must collect their next group. Any children not collected on time will be taken to reception.

To enable these classes to run efficiently, please arrive and collect promptly. Please ensure your child has been to the toilet before you leave home.

You can watch the gymnasts on the cameras we have installed at the area your child will be leaving the building. Space and seating will be limited. There is a gazebo for shelter, you may however choose to wait in your car.

Classes continue as normal over bank holidays.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym soon.


Welcome to Tolworth Gymnastics Club. Tolworth Gymnastics Club has been teaching gymnastics to all ages and levels since 1981.

With state of the art facilities and highly experienced coaching staff, members are trained in an enjoyable and safe environment to meet their maximum potential.

Through structured instruction, our members show progress in many key developmental areas. Gymnastics will build physical fitness, flexibility, body awareness, co-ordination, confidence, and is also hugely challenging, creative and fun.

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Make sure you know your child's class colour for when you arrive.

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